grady newTo: Members of our Enlisted Association of the National Guard of Georgia

It is my honour as your president to welcome you to the 39th Annual Conference of the Enlisted Association of Georgia here at Stone Mountain.

This year's conference looks to be very exciting, educational, and a time to bond. Like last year, this year we will continue to be co-located with the Officer Association to combine resources during these tough economic times and give our members and their families a conference to remember.

As our Soldiers and Airmen continue to deploy in support of operations around the world, we continue to fight for the benefits that all of guardsmen and women deserve. We must continue to remember the family members as well. It is through their sacrifices that we are able to accomplish our missions. We will continue to fight for the rights of all guardsmen overseas and at home.

EANGGA will continue to aggressively address all issues that benefit and support all of our members, their families, and the employers that support our guardsmen. We will continue to fight for increased pay, full time manning, additional tri-care benefits, reduced tri-care fees, and veteran's status for all retirees. Unfortunately, we cannot do this alone. We need every guardsmen and their family members to support "our" cause. One voice can get noticed but Ten-Thousand voices will get attention!

This conference is an opportunity to learn of the issues that our guardsmen and their families face. It gives our membership the opportunity to fellowship with retired guardsmen that continue to fight as retirees. There will be many activities, exhibits and business secessions that will make our conference memorable and meaningful. Our Auxiliary will also conduct their annual meetings and I encourage all spouses to join them during their session.

While it is true that our cause is serious, I encourage each of you to have fun and enjoy this time with your friends and family.

A special thanks to the Officers Association for joining with us during this conference and offering their resources and support for this event. This will continue to be a great event.

Thanks for your attendance!

Enlisted Association of Georgia
President, Enlisted Association of Georgia